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Anti Spam Policy

The Pulseem Permitted Email Marketing System has a strict and uncompromising spam email policy. The Pulseem Permitted Email Marketing System takes great measures to ensure that every email sent out from our servers is directed to a permitted recipientonly. The Pulseem Permitted Email Marketing System is vigilant about blocking spam from entering and exiting its systems. The Pulseem permitted email marketing system takes every effort to protect its customers by adhering to this policy. Any customer that is caught abusing Pulseem servers by sending spam emails will be immediately disconnected, pending the results of an investigatinto the matter.

If any user or recipient receives a spam email that was sent via Pulseem servers, please report it to: and we will take immediate action to prevent this in the future. For ISP or system managers please contact us at this address:

"Spam" as defined by Pulseem, means any email message that:

Is sent to a recipient who did not specifically authorize, by electronic means or in writing, a particular business to send him/her email communication. Has content that violates the Pulseem system privacy policy. Pulseem will not send email messages from its servers that is not authorized by the recipient or contains illegal content.

Pulseem System requires:

Only legitimate databases with opt-in or double opt-in registration only.
The email addresses must not be collected by “spiders” or any other illegal way.
An email list cannot be purchased from any source.
The "From" address used by our client to send their email must be an active email address .
The content of the email must be in accordance with the Pulseem System privacy policy.
Every email message that comes out of Pulseem system must include a removal button for recipients to be able to “opt-out”.
Every person who clicks on the opt-out button, or otherwise notifies the mailer of their desire to stop receiving emails, must be
immediately removed from a client’s email list.
Steps must be taken so that emails are not sent to general addresses like:,, or
In the email campaign, the sender must include his complete contact details.
No outside advertisements are permitted without the authorization of the third body.
The subject line of the email must be truthful and relevant to the contents of that email.

Content that is not allowed to be sent through the Pulseem Permitted Email Marketing System:

Racist content

Pornographic content

Violent content

Content that includes offensive language

Content that promotes child abuse

Content directed at children, but does not have the proper parental approval

Content that violates any copyright, intellectual property rights or patents.

Content that concerns illegal gambling.

Content that solicits or markets illegal materials

Content in connection with products that are illegal.

Pulseem System helps its clients avoid spam by:

Regularly checking our client’s email list
Providing the opportunity for a double opt-in on the part of the client and recipient
Guidance and articles how to improve their email lists and how to correctly to send out their campaigns.

Every day check to prevent spam:

We check our client's databases and contents according to international standards.
We run audits on email messages that come out of our system to trace bad content.
However, ensuring the appropriateness of an email is the sole responsibility of the client.
The legal responsibility of sending email through the Pulseem system
The liability for ensuring the propriety and legality of an email is on the client alone and Pulseem System accepts no responsibility for emails sent by its clients.
Our client must uphold all local, regional and international laws regarding email marketing.

Violations of the Pulseem Permitted email marketing anti-spam policy

If Pulseem receives complaints from recipients about spam messages that were sent without approval or that contain illegal content, the Pulseem Permitted Email Marketing System may take any of the following steps:
1. Close the client account without any notice until the client reapproves the email database or checks the content of the campaign.
2. Send an approval request without consulting the client.
3. Take steps to make sure that the service has been used in accordance with the Pulseem privacy policy.
4. Enforce any contractual rights and responsibilities, explicit and implied, by taking any necessary legal action.
For any other questions please write to us to:

Important knowledge:

The Pulseem permitted email marketing system does not trade or sell email lists.
Every email message distributed through our server has an opt-out link that, when clicked, will remove the client from the email list